Mrs B Does College!!

So it’s been YEARS since I last went to college (well not really as I just completed some short courses in hairdressing 🙂 but boy do I feels like a duck outta water!

The practical hairdressing stuff has been going great, at the mo I’m blow-drying, washing and conditioning hair and doing pin curls (really lovin the pin curl thing) but the thing that rattled my cage this week, is the surprise test.

Now like I mentioned it’s been a while since college and sitting tests, but I was fine about it. I was like “I’m just gonna do this test, and hopefully finish early so I can go to the gym. NO SUCH LUCK…the test just seemed to go on and on and on and o.k I’m sure ya’ll get the picture! But the test was just never ending, by the time I left the exam room, I had a headache and I’m sure double vision from the prolonged time of solid concentration.

Anywhoo what did this day teach me…better dig out the old pencil case, protractor, dictionary and all that good college stuff because I’m sure going to need it!

B xX


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