I Got A New JOB…Well Did Have…

Wow it’s soooo quite around here.…where have I been, what have I been up to well loads 

Firstly the god awful job I was banging on about in January guess what!! I’m no longer there “Hurrah” lol I found a better job with more money, less hours, more challenging work and it’s a much easier commute and guess what (again)…I handed in my notice last week 

How did this all come about well, on paper or to hear about the role sounded sooo flippin good, but in reality it was the most awful seven months of my LIFE!!! Imagine the scenario working with a bunch guys, 7 seven hours a day, being the only female in the office having to put up with daily rants about their wives or their lewd porn perversions and before you say Gurl why didn’t you speak up!!! Well I DID and they would shut up for a bit and law and behold start again a bit later.

So YEAH the icing on the cake for me was when I had a sit down with my so called (Ex) boss last Thursday (who doesn’t deserve that title by the way, as he cannot even manage to fully button his shirt in the morning) to find out where I stand in the company in terms of becoming a permanent member of staff, my over heavy workload and a pay rise and GUESS what he told me…The company will not be taking on any permanent staff, I’m your boss but can’t authorize for you to have a pay rise and THE CLINCHER I’m not reducing your workload and just to show you how much I want to be fair on this, here’s three verification packs , I want you to do ID vetting for the entire company!!

Now you know I had to do what a girl had to do right…I smiled went back to my desk, start cleaning it out and took some stuff home. Next day threw up the DUCES (Well ok I didn’t in reality, but did mentally) and handed in my resignation. I mean where do employers get off thinking that because you work for them it gives them the right to treat you like a door mat and act like they own you and can do what they please, not on my watch 

SO what am I up to now what’s going on…well as I write this ya girl is not employed am I happy…HECK YEAH although…isn’t strange how something bothers you so much (You think about it morning, noon, night & weekends) you know you have to take action, you know exactly just how happy you’re going to feel once you handle your business and then you handle your business, that stress has been removed and now you feel like a lost puppy lol

I swear 4 days being at home and I’m already beginning to feel like O.K….SO WHAT NOW  Man I still have so much to learn ANYWHOO 

I have been using my new found freedom to reconnect with things that I love i.e my BLOGGING which I have now decided to update REGULARLY like EVERY DAY regularly. I’ve also booked to go on a coaching course as that’s one of my interests that I would like to pursue, but never had the time to pursue it and I’ll be attending some PD (Positive development seminars) so I can realign myself with myself again.

You just don’t realise how far you can move away from what you know, enjoy, and like about yourself when you are under prolonged periods of stress or continue on in a crappy jobs it can turn you into a zombie….well…only if you let it 

Head up, cups up, best foot forward and all that good stuff.

Time To Break Those Shakles Ya’ll


B xx

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