It’s O.K…..I’m Still Here Alive & KICKING!!!!

Well Gooooood morning world,
It’s Monday, it’s 2 minutes to 11.00am UK time and here is the real beginning of my new found freedom i.e minus JOB. Well I Guess I’m not doing too badly in terms of managing my time, as hey look I’m on here writing and keeping the world up to date on my…….what word/ phrase can I use…hmmmmmmm daily musings 

So far so good though, I’ve really been enjoying the time. I’ve managed to clean out my bathroom and when I say clean I don’t mean the mop, quick scrub of the bath clean. I mean the deep clean where you go out and buy new mats, shower curtain, fix the rail that was hanging off and arrange the entire hair product cabinet.

I also managed to get my hands on my bedroom, which for weeks has been a hot mess, as I was decorating in the evenings and weekends, which left me living in a room with all the decorating materials, plus all my good stuff that I needed for everyday living. Trust me it was a night mare!!!

So being work free has allowed me to sort, arrange and then rearrange ah did I mention, it’s also given me the free time to find all the new shoes I have been collecting, since breaking my ankle!! I was going to save the whole ankle THANG for another post, but might as well update about it here……hmmmm…..on second thoughts maybe not  I’ll write about ankle gate in another post as TRUST ME I have a lot to tell.

Well there you have it, here’s how I’m spending my new found time so far…ahhhhh better run I’m off to iron my tea towels lol

B xx


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