The Interview…The Job Offer…Will I Take it…..

So hey, another day another beautiful morning another chance to receive new opportunities, experience new things and welcome the good in to my life.

So here’s the low down, WARNING!! You might wanna get some biscuits, a blanket and a cup of tea for this one as it’s a looong post “smiles” Also to get an idea about my J.O.B saga, read my I got a new Job Well did have post.

Last week I had a call from my job agency regarding a role, it sounded really good, so I asked her to send over a job spec so I could ensure it would be the right role for me (Guys one tip, when agencies call you about work always ask to see the job spec before you attend the interview, as it’s like a punch in the gut when you get there and they start wheeling off the duties and you’re like WHAT!!! That’s not tasks I’m prepared to do), they didn’t have one and I said yes put me forward.

I got a call last Thursday saying I had an interview on the Friday, but they were unsure exactly what time it would be, but it would be in the afternoon so keep it free. Got a call Friday morning saying they could no longer do the interview on Friday, so it would be sometime this week so again I was like fine.

On Wednesday you girl decided to maximise her capacity and get her study on, so took a trip to the science and the natural history museum. Which was absolutely awesome may I add!!!! I never knew that hot larva turned into beautiful glass when cooled or that astronauts sleep upright when in space I’m telling you guys just awesome BUT ANYWHOO!!!! Back to the story lol

So I get a call whilst at the museum, telling me that I got an interview for the next day and she now has a job spec. I was told the role is similar almost identical to what I was doing before and the salary is great which after hearing yesssssssssssssssss it was indeed a GOOD salary. So I finalised all the details and agreed to attend the interview. Once I got home I checked my emails, to have a look at the job spec and instantly I was not impressed with the role. You see I work in a field where there are major companies and smaller ones and what I’m beginning to find out, is that the major ones have proper teams who have assigned duties and the smaller companies try to cut corners, by getting one person to do ABSOLUTLY EVERYTHING and guys I’ve come to a point in my life now where I’m trying to stay AWAY from the latter!!!

So already I can feel my spirit getting heavy as I’m not happy with the role and I can tell by the duties it’s not going to be right for me. So I did what a girl had to do, I jumped onto the net and did an ole google search on the company which revealed my exact thoughts…they are a small company, which is o.k you can’t knock start-ups (we all gots to start from somewhere right??) and they are a third generation family owned company hmmmm ALRAM BELLS AWWW HALE NAW lol
So back to the job spec to try and piece all the information together and then I notice that they have advertised for a senior administrative role, however looking closer there seemed to have added 5 different roles into this one job and even more strange all those roles happen to be roles I’ve done already (i.e they are listed on my CV). So I grabbed my CV just to be sure and law and behold (by the way this is just my theory, but my gut feeling tells me I’m right) they went through my CV, took duties out from my previous roles to formulate this current role. Hence the reason the agency initially had no job spec and why they cancelled the interview last Friday (as they needed time to copy and paste and create this tailor made role).


YESTERDAY!!! Was interview day, first things first I like to work in Central London, this place is in North London and not a nice part either and the journey door to door took like 1hr and 20mins, so NOPE you’re girl was not happy with this but arrived at the interview on time, looking all professional and polished. Ohhh…… how could I forget to mention the office is based within a residential estate, behind an iron gate….. again not happy with this.

So rang the buzzer went in and gave the place a quick scan (even more so not happy with the set up), a medium / small sized open plan office, with a small messy reception desk, with an oldish lady wearing jeans sitting behind it and 4 members of staff all cramped into this one level working space, no air con, no windows, just a glass patio door overlooking a wrought iron gate!!!

Moving on swiftly…. spoke to my potential manager about the role…now I’ve got to be real with you I’m the type of person who when I go to a job interview and I know I don’t like it, I don’t even try at the interview I relax / slouch, over ask questions and basically do all the things job gurus and job search blogs tell you NOT to do in an interview and you know what…..99.9.9 % of the time when I do this I ALWAYS get the job and even more amazingly get told how fantastic I interviewed??????

How strange is that!!?!?!

But again back to the STORY had the interview was told what my role would be, what I would be doing, asked if I had any questions and asked about myself which was great. However remember my theory I told you about earlier, that they took duties from my CV to build the role, at the interview I believe I got confirmation of this as guy kept asking how do you feel about the duties, even at the end of the interview he managed to squeeze in a “If you have any further questions, please do get in touch, it’s totally fine”, if you want to know more etc etc Leaving me to know for sure, YOU GUYS STOLE DUTIES FROM MY CV and now want me to do FIVE jobs in one, not on my watch BUDDY BOY!!!

Ahhh how could I forget to update you on the best bit, remember I told you it was a family run company well this is how the team is made up, the old lady well that’s the managing directors sister (I was pre warned during the interview that she’s worked there over 20 years and is stuck in her ways, she know what she likes and how she likes it and doesn’t take kindly to changes and will be vocal about it YIKES!!!!), the other manager is the managing directors brother, the other manger is either the managing directors nephew or his brothers son and then you would have ME 🙂


To be honest that right there was the deal breaker!!!!!

Left the interview, called my agency to tell her it’s not for me and had to sit through a 20 minute it’s no pressure really speech but you better take the job as we want our commission. So ended the phone call telling her that I would call her today, to let her know for sure if I will accept the offer. The job is permanent and I’m now being told if I accept the offer, they are willing to let me trial it to see how it goes and if I don’t like it my agency will start looking for me again, also I should think about the money it would be great to at least earn whilst I’m looking for something new…all her words not mine….

BUT you know what this may sound strange, in the last 12 months of my career there have been two times when I’ve not been happy in my job and know it’s time to move on and you know what I find….. yes it’s easier to get another job when you already have one BUT also as your time is limited to how often you can take time off to interview, the running around before and after work, the grabbing free minutes here and there to search for vacancies you end up going for random jobs and taking one of them random jobs creating a pot to fire scenario.


For me personally I find the best times to look for work after leaving a previous job is when you’ve had a lil bit of time to reconnect with yourself, build back, recharge and then start looking as you have the freedom to carefully select roles, that you know you will be happy in and that suit your skills and personality. For me rush has been the killer of all things work related, rushing into this role and that with no REAL time to think things through and then you just end up on a Ferris wheel of dud jobs that chip away at your spirit making you sooo unhappy…Have you ever been in a workplace where it’s Friday and you’re on the train going home, knowing it’s the weekend and you have two days off, but already dreading and obsessing about going back on Monday…Trust me I’ve been there ONE too MANY times and it’s the worst feeling E.V.E.R

Now I’m not in work I am adamant that this time around I will do things differently/ better, all jobs will be carefully vetted and considered before saying those illustrious “I do’s” ……

Well today is D day and I’ll be phoning the agency in aprox 2 hours to inform them of my final decision, will I take the family run job in a doggy part of North London, with the mean sister and over overkill duties or will I stand up, be firm and gracefully bow out of the role I know is NOT for me regardless of how great the pay is…Keep posted for the update, in the meantime what ya’ll think…


B xx


4 thoughts on “The Interview…The Job Offer…Will I Take it…..

  1. Very nice post, made me smile After reading, been in that same spot before, and trust me you will always make the right choice for you in the end. 😀😃😄

    • Thanks Ronnybase, pleased to hear it made you chuckle 😀 you’re so right whatever choice you make will be right for you…😆

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