POST UPDATE: The Interview…The Job Offer…..Will I take It, Better Still DID I Take It!!!!

This is the update to my previous post, about my 1st job interview since giving my old boss the DEUCES. You can read the first post by clicking the link The Interview…The Job Offer…Will I Take it….. So you get the whole story, cause aint nothing worse than being given half a story. 

So yeah in the last post the situation was I had told my agency, that I would sleep on things and phone them by lunch time the next day to update if I would take the position. Trust me the day before I had one of the most uneasy evenings in a LOOOONG time. Trying to decide if I should take the job because of the money (as I would be a fool to pass it up), worrying about whether my agency will want to place me again (because I’m too picky) and wondering if I’ll get another role for now…..ahhhhh the doubt, the questions were just going on and on and on.

My poor husband, I sincerely from the bottom of my heart say S.O.R.R.Y for burning your ears off on Thursday night, with what if’s and maybes. Tho….. it was all for a good cause, as it helped me to scale back and take a good hard look at my beliefs and my values. Which (I quickly remembered), is to be at least 80% happy in my job (can’t expect 100% ya’ll, there’s always something at work that gets your goat every-time) and never to take any job or stay in any job that tries to break my spirit or damage my soul REGARDLESS of how well it pays. Once I remembered or better still I’ll say REMINDED myself of my values, it was a no brainer I decided to decline the offer.


So bright and early Friday morning, I called my agency to inform them of my decision. Now I know what my consultant is like, therefore your girl was prepared for the hard sell and oh boy did she go HARD on trying to tell me all the reasons why I should re-consider and take the position! At one point the hard sell more and less turned into pleading, when she offered that even though the role was permanent, I could trial it on a temp basis. She also went on to say that she has another role coming up in a few weeks and when the new role comes through, she will transfer me to the new role and back fill the mentioned role if I’m un-happy there….hmmmmmm me thinks NOT


NOW I need to update you on this, I am a god fearing Christian women and as such I work really hard at following my intuition, gut feeling and excising discernment……Meaning in my plentiful years of living on this glorious and delightful place called planet earth, whenever someone is over keen for me to do some-thing to the point where they are like 1000% more keener (is this even a word lol) than I am I always know something FISHY is going on!!! And at that point I stand my ground and REFUSE to do it, as I know the outcome of the situation is NOT going to be a good one (Not for me anyway) 🙂 INSTANTLY my intuition goes into to overdrive questioning the motives, why do you want me to do this so badly? What’s in it for you?? Get my drift….So your girl stood her ground and still declined the offer, by the end of the phone call I had declined the offer THREE WHOLE TIMES!!!!

In the end I had to use the broken record tactic on her, this is the one when someone won’t take no for an answer. Just allow them to talk without interruption and when they wait for your response, just say a simple statement (like in this in this case) “It’s just not for me” And every-time they try and give you more reasons why you should change your mind, keep repeating the same phrase. I guarantee you after like three times, they get the message and let the issue GO (See you can’t say I never teach you anything) 🙂

It’s really strange tho, once I made the final decision I felt this wave of relief come over me, as if it was a sign…. like good for you you’ve made the right decision. I had to give myself a pat on the back, this girl done GOOD!!!!


Usually I would go with the flow on this and especially where I’m not working, my backside would be soooo fearful that another role wouldn’t come along in time. So I would just take the job and cross my fingers and pray that all works out in the end and in my experience it NEVER does…

So kudus to yours truly 🙂 for making big in fact HUGE changes in the way I handle my job search and pushy recruitment consultants….Now time to use my newly found values to land that dream job me thinks 🙂


B xx


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