Maybe there is such a thing as a FREE lunch after all…

Here I was getting on with my day and making a lovely lunch consisting of Ikea’s frozen hot dogs, with Ikea frozen hot dog buns (yes I cooked them 🙂 Then I heard that exciting sound you only hear Monday to Saturday, between 12ish and 12.30…the sound of the letterbox rattling!!! So after a quick look towards the door and realising that it was just the mail. I continued to cook and tuck into to my Ikea lunch all the while totally forgetting to go have a look at the email.

It was only on my way to the living room, I noticed the HUGE (just kidding), pile of letters on the ground and picked them up with as much enthusiasm as going to the dentist. BUT then I saw one envelope that made me SMILE 🙂

The envelope in question was none other than one sent to me from Avios, who are the people that you collect points with from various places. Then you redeem those points for international travel, activities, restaurants yada yada. To be honest I’m usually quite sceptical about these kinds of collecting schemes, as most of them usually require you to collect thousands of points, for the most meagre gifts. Yet those thousands of points are never quite enough, to purchase the gifts you would really like to choose.

But hey for some reason I seemed to really take to this Avios thing, maybe it’s because most of my collecting is done when I visit the petrol station and trust me this gurl is always topping her beast up with fuel 🙂 So the other day I decided to have a look at my account and it said I actually had enough points to redeem something and redeem I did hence the Avios envelope!!

So after a quick rip of the envelope, I discovered enclosed THREE tickets to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Yaaaaay!!! I am really happy these came through, to be honest I put the request through last month and totally forgot about it and look, law and behold they were delivered today!!


Seeing this has got me kind of thinking, I don’t usually send off or collect things that are being advertised as I always think it’s a con or waste of time…BUT watch this space as I believe that’s about to change…

B xx


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