Started A New Job & Again Throwing Up The Dueces…

You may have noticed I’ve been a lil quite lately WELL…you’re girl got a new job YAAY!!! And quit yesterday HUH??? Yes you read that right I quit yesterday… before I confuse you any further let me give you the LOW down.

So you know I’ve been job hunting, since August which was when I resigned from my last job. During that time I’ve been interviewing and applying for some roles. I applied for a role with one agency and it was taking ages for them to get a response from the employer regarding the position, then out of the blue last week the same employer had a different role, in a different location and wanted me to come on board.

Now first things first call me a doubting Thomas, but I’m always weary about jobs / employers that are willing to take you on without an interview. From past experience this always equals to crap company, with high staff turnover and an awful working environment. But due to the fact that I have been out of work now for almost four weeks, summers over, the kids are going back to school. I was like it’s time to get back into the workplace and earn some cheddar 🙂

So I asked the consultant to send over the job spec so I could have a look, my thoughts were if the spec looks good I’ll go for it and deal with formalities later… Also before I go any further let me give you the tea on why I was hired. There’s a lady who currently works in the role, however she has been off sick for nearly 4 weeks… the project started June 2014…(see where I’m going with this) Now this should have set alarm bells of RUN, RUN, RUN the other way going. But in true Mrs B style I sucked it up, put it out of my mind and started the new role.

D day…I arrived on site nice and early, my skirt suit was sharp I was ready to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. Then I was told my boss wasn’t in yet, I was like o.k hey it’s Monday things can happen late trains etc I was then briefly introduced to the team whilst stood in the centre of the room and watched in dismay as the senior site manager finger pointed where everything was. I was then told to grab myself a cup of tea and take a seat at the reception desk.

So there’s me happily sitting at the reception desk looking around at the company information, previous projects they had completed blah blah blah and I gaze at the time and notice it’s almost 10.00am and still no boss…Shortly after the guy that introduced me to everyone comes over to the desk, shows me the wall phone and says if it rings, answer it and buzz people in and out that’s all you need do for now…

I must admit I did feel a bit “hey what’s going on here”, I’ve been hired as a document controller not to sit at a reception desk and press a flaming buzzer all day, but I’m all about the team work so got on with it. Anywhoo at around 11.00am a guy walks past my desk, I say good morning he says it back however when he gets into the next room, I hear someone mention his name and then there’s a bit of laughter and he introduces himself to the four other staff who also started on the Monday. It’s worthwhile mentioning, that this guy happens to have the same name as the boss I’ve been told to report to… so I’m like no way could my boss walk past me like that, so not only have you swanned in here mega late, you’re also ignoring new starters. Guys I needed air, so asked if it was alright to pop out for 5 mins, you girl needed to breath, recap get that composure together. 


When I came back to the office, I noticed the door was being held opened for me and thought that’s strange, it’s not the kind of door anyone would stand and hold open… Anywhoo once I stepped through, the one and the same guy that had casually strolled past my desk, rushed into the reception and perched himself on the edge of the desk and introduced himself as my boss. WHAT!!!! Gobsmacked!!! So he’d waited almost an hour before making the introduction. WAIT ya’ll it gets worse…

He asked what had the agency told me about the role, I told him what I knew and then he went on to explain about the lady being sick, how she’s been off for ages, the work has piled up, when she gets back, they are hoping to open up a new role for me and how as they have four people also starting this week. I need to bear with them as the week is going to be a funny one and ummm YUP with that he disappeared back into the main office to have a laugh with the staff.

To be honest from this point, I just knew my time there had already come to an end. Mamma always says “You start as you mean to go on” and trust me Mamma’s right about that, as the hours passed by things were just going from bad to worse, let me give you a quicky run down:

First Day
Boss arrived late
Boss introduced himself to me as my boss, after near enough an hour of being in the building
Left on reception without telephone list, project directory or guide of how to use the phone system in terms of transfer, hold & internal calls
Given someone else’s account and told to use it, account got blocked told to call IT and resolve… all this after being in the building for 1 hour and 30 mins
Ignored and left in reception without staff members asking how my day was going, did I need anything
No site induction, rules of the site, not physically shown around the site
Left alone the entire day with no work to do but buzz people in and out and answer the phone that rung no more than 10 times for the entire day
No sit down, handover or run through of the system or the work that I would be doing or what duties I would be preforming on a day to day basis
Ahhh how could I forget I finish at 5.00pm and at 4.47pm, a colleague came over to say he wants to show me how to look for drawings using 4P…REALLY I’ve been there all day doing hummm “Sweet Fa” ahhhh and the BETTER bit, I have to learn it now cause guess what he’s on leave now until next Wednesday!

Second Day
Given colleague on leaves laptop to use
Been told to go on 4P download and print docs, I ask for guidance / training on this and was told no one knows and someone will come to site to train me on Friday…O.K Then
Boss comes in at 2.45 says hi and goes into to office to hold court with colleagues
Colleague do a tea round I’m not offered tea
Colleague does the shop round, asks everyone what they want apart from myself and comes back swinging a huge bag of goodies whistling past my desk
Phone rings twice all day
Completely ignored not one colleague speaks to me all day, just walks past the reception desk
Icing on the cake, my boss and a burly side kick come to my desk at 4.50pm to say that the desk opposite where I’m sitting, will be mine and I’ll get a P.C and I will need to get a move on with the drawings…Err one problem there I don’t know how to prepare the drawings and won’t be trained until Friday…

What does Mamma say AGAIN 🙂

As I left yesterday evening, I made sure I had all my things and put everything else back in there place as I knew in my heart “this girl’s not coming back”…

images jkujhujk

I just don’t understand some workplaces, why hire staff and treat them like crap, people are human being ya know they have feelings geesh. I wonder if a survey was done and people were asked how many of them would accept a job, with the above as part of the conditions would they accept the offer…bet like 99.9% would answer HALE NAW..

So yep I’m back to the drawing board again, job hunting again…but this time I’m doing it with a difference…I’ve now decided I’m changing industries!!! I don’t think I mentioned but you’re girl has being working in construction for the last year and let me tell you it has been the most challenging, frustrating, annoying, demeaning sector I have EVER worked in and after all the sleepless nights, stress, liberty taking and dogs body treatment. I have now decided to align myself with my values and true purpose and take my skills and attributes to pastures new.


B xx


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