To be well endowed or not to be well endowed that is the question…

Right guys after what I watched last night, I’m convinced I defo need to get a job and get out of the house sharpish!! I watched a programme on SKY T.V last night called wait for it…Me & My Penis!! Yeah I know call 999, arrest me for taking the time to watch such a bizarre programme, but guys I couldn’t believe what I saw.

The guy staring in the documentary had a small penis and wanted to explore the options of getting a bigger one and find out the average size of a penis in the UK. There were just a few things about the programme that had me sitting in front of my TV with my mouth wide open and admittedly giggling. 

First the lead visited the set of an adult movie and was speaking to the actors about penis’s it was quite funny and it really showed how cunning women can be a times. You had this guy doing his business and the woman was casually chatting away to the cameras, making it known that guys you better make sure you’re doing the do right or us gals will and can fake ya out :~)

Then the ultimate cruncher came when the guy with the small penis went to get a mould made of his penis and for the first time we actually get to see the size of it and OMG it was tiny…When I say tiny I mean 3 inches tiny…smaller than your pinky finger tiny. I felt so sorry for him though because it must be so hard in terms of his confidence and experience with women due to his Errm size issue. More so it must be extremely hard for his partner, I mean how do you navigate a 3 inch bike 🙂

To be well endowed or not to be well endowed that is the question…or in this case the former maybe the solution.

B xx

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