A Stranger Came Bearing Gifts Today…

I’m super excited today, I was busy working on this blog and heard my door bell ring. I wasn’t really expecting a parcel, so took my time to go see. When I opened the door I spied a UPS van and the guy’s holding a box with Coca Cola written all over it.

Wah Hoooo!!! Oh yes baby my personalised Coca Cola bottles have ARRIVED 🙂

It’s kind of funny though cause when I went online to order them, it seemed like you’re name had to be on the database in order for you to order. But after much searching I found a section on their website where you can customise your bottle and add your name.

So yup I created some for my family and they arrived TODAY….sooooo I guess that means we are now OFICCIALLY Coca Cola certified!!

B xx


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