2 Nights 3 Days & Lots of Fun in the South of France

After browsing the internet during one loooong hot day in August, I stumbled upon a fab Easyjet holiday to Nice for 2 nights and three days. Now you know I didn’t have to think twice, before punching my Debit card deets into the box and booking it up. After the months I’ve had in my previous crappy job, I needs me a break 🙂 

Sooo Wednesday gone was holiday time!!! Your girl packed her hand luggage and a suitcase (Yeah I know why a suitcase for 3 days…It takes a lot to be beautiful ya know lol) and headed over to Gatwick airport at 3.00am for my 6.00am flight. After checking in and being told that my flight was going to be delayed for one hour, I was not overly fussed as it spelt DUTY FREE SHOPPING TIME!!!


I had a lil wonder around and finally nabbed that bottle of Jimmy Choo Perfume, that I always pick up in duty free and then put back for something else. I also treated myself to a lovely gold journal some pens from Harrods, Fortnum and mason tea bags (Pricey I know, but they make the perfect brew) and a lil bottle of Jack Dee for….you know what that’s for :)


After almost emptying my bank account before even leaving the Uk, it was time to board my plane and head over to destination Nice!!! After an hour and a bit flight I arrived at my destination, now I’ve been Nice before and had an amazing time. However as it was my first time, I didn’t really venture off the beaten path so I used taxis etc instead of buses. BUT this time I was adamant that I would get down like the locals, and find my way around and explore as many places as possible in three days. Here’s how I got on…


Day 1:
I arrived in Nice, and nabbed a bus from outside the airport that took me straight to Gare De Nice Ville station (Located in the centre of Nice). The bus fare was 1.50 Euros for a 15-20 minute journey, this was fab for me as I was staying 5 mins from Gare De Nice Ville train station.

I checked into my hotel, dropped my bags and then headed down to Avenue Jean Medecin, where I had a delicious bite to eat at a local Chinese restaurant. After my delish lunch, I grabbed the bus 100 from Nice all the way to Monaco. Tip: If you’re ever in Nice, be sure to experience the bus ride to Monaco. The ride is super scenic and worth every bit of the 1.50 Euro bus fare.






Day 2:
After deciding and un-deciding, on whether to venture down to Saint Tropez. I decided on the former and caught a train from Gare De Nice Ville station, and got off at Saint Raphael station. I then crossed an over-path to catch my bus straight to Saint Tropez. It was an extremely long journey, but well worth doing as I got to see/ drive through many different places along the way such as Saint Raphael, Grimaud, Saint Maxime, Frejus plus much more.

Saint Tropez it’s self…oh man was it gorgeous beautiful beaches, even more beautiful people, quaint restaurants… it most definitely is the place to see and be seen. Unfortunately due to the late hour that I started my journey, I only had 3 hours to explore, but I soooo made use of the time!






Not a good day as it was time to go home, I couldn’t believe my holiday ended so quickly. However I ensured it ended with a bang, by spending the entire day in CANNNES!!! I got the train from Gare De Nice Vile Station, direct to Cannes station. After visiting a local market and some lovely quaint shops, tucked away in little side streets. I decided to hit the beach and take in some sizzling sunshine!! Then two guys and a really annoying but overfly friendly dog, came on the beach and ruined my tranquillity. So I decided to pack up shop and go in search of a bite to eat. I still had quite a few hours to kill in Cannes, so decided to take a boat tour to neighbouring Island Sainte Marguerite and boy was I in for a surprise. After departing the boat, I stepped on to an un-habited Island sitting just minutes from Cannes. I decided to go all explorer and took myself up a hill, down into some bushes and over some tree barks that were blocking a road. I also climbed some rocks, and then finally decided to settle at the edge of the sea, near a school group who were learning how to canoe!





I had made a plan to leave my un-habited Island at 4.15pm, so I could catch my train back to Nice, grab my luggage and head to the airport. But I was soooo in love with Sainte Marguerite Island, I decided to stay on the Island a lil longer and catch the 5.00pm boat back to Cannes instead 🙂 Don’t worry guys, I still managed to get my train, my bus and catch my flight home on time…okay you caught me, I reached Easyjet check in 2 minutes before it was due to close!

All I can say is that I had a Fab Fab Fab holiday, to be honest I wasn’t even ready to come home. I’m one of those people who take a while to get in to holiday mode, and then by the time I’m all relaxed and holiday ready it’s time to come home lol

Before I wrap it up (cause I’m mega tired, as I didn’t arrive home until 2.00am this morning and I’m in desperate need of sleep), here’s my tips for holidaying in Nice…

1. Take a bus ride to Monaco, even if Monaco is not you’re thing GO just for the scenic bus ride, trust me you won’t regret it 

2. Take a boat trip to an outer Island in Cannes, however be sure to bring some food and drinks with you before you board the boat, as food on the island is extremely limited and expensive

3. Keep an eye on your luggage, backpack, handbag, wallet etc when travelling around, thieves are notorious in the South of France especially around the train stations and bus stations

4. Be sure to taste a least one scoop of gelato ice cream, omg it is to die for

5. Some meals in restaurants can be quite large, so save cash by purchasing a selection of dishes to share, it will allow you to taste a range of delicious foods on the Island for less

6. You don’t need to book an expensive tour to get to Saint Tropez (some of these tours are PRETTY pricy and start from 68 Euros per person). Simply start your journey early and catch a train and bus, DIY will ensure you get to spend more time in Saint Tropez, for less money

Right there you have it, my reason for being extremely quite these last 3 days, I’m now off to bed now…..I feel soooo tired, I think I need another holiday to recover “Smiles”


B xx

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