Waiting for One Interview & Along Comes Three!!!

You’ve probably just read my last post about my relaxing, yet adventurous holiday to Nice (The South of France). If you haven’t read it what are you waiting for, go back to the home page and read now PRONTO 🙂 I guarantee it will get you packing your bag and booking your next trip!

But whilst I was sunning it up in Nice, don’t believe for one minute things in my life was sugar n spice and all things nice. There have been some pretty strange developments, in the job department going on…

Firstly I’ve still been putting out my CV, signing on with agencies and doing all the job searchy type stuff you do when you’re desperate ( nah just kidding) seriously looking for work. I’ve spoken to a recruitment consultant, who always sends me construction jobs even though she knows I want out of construction, and want to go back to the public sector.

To tell you the truth not much has been happening, on the work front lately… so I’m having to be really disciplined, about NOT taking another construction job out of desperation. As I know what I’m like…I’ll take a construction job telling myself “ I’m just doing this job for the money, and until I find a public sector job”. Once I’m in the role I’ll get caught up by the money, the fact that I know the role and basically become complacent… Then It will be the same old cycle coming round again, it usually goes something like this;

I take the dud job> when the same ole cracks start showing> I remember that I shouldn’t be in the construction industry anyway> I start job hunting> I get calls to interview> Attending the interviews become difficult, as I cannot get the required time off > I start worrying that if I take too much time off, I’ll get a bad rep at my current job and possibly a crappy reference> but then when I don’t attend the interviews, I get frustrated as I begin to feel stuck in the crappy job that I know I want to get out of.


What’s a girl to do…what choice do I usually make after going round and round in this circle……I LEAVE, I quit and then end up out of work job hunting again. So yeah back to what I was saying, I’ve been really good at trying to break this cycle as of late, by knocking back the construction jobs interviews 

Tbh interviews and responses from employers have been quite slow, although because it’s September and managers and staff are just settling back into work, after the summer it’s kind of understandable… BUT what is not understandable, is how last week (The week of the 1st of September), I had no interviews and hardly any phone calls. Then this week (The week of the 8th of September, holiday week), I get 1 agency sign up the day before I’m due to fly out for my hols, 1 job interview for a public sector job on the Thursday when I’ll be in Nice and 2 interviews on the Friday for another public sector job and a construction job whilst I’m in Nice.


Now let me break this all down, I was so going to postpone the agency sign up to this week coming (I don’t know about you, but I never work the day before I’m due to fly. As I always have too much last minute running around to do, so I always keep the day free to do my last minute things in peace), but I did some research and noticed they specialised in public sector jobs, which is the field I’m trying to break into. So I put my laid back ideals aside and went and signed up to the agency (FYI the Thursday interview, came via this agency 🙂

But 3 interviews in one week…and the week when I’m not in the country to attend…Awww Mane I could have cried what the **** is going on with that…I swear life can be so strange and unpredictable at times. When your there, ready and available nothing happens and then the moment you take a step and do something, all sorts of doors start opening and opportunities start flooding in.

So what’s a girl to do??? What did I do??? Well, I spoke to the agency regarding the Thursday interview and the fact that I would be away. I provided a guarantee that I would be available to interview, first thing Monday morning.

The construction interview I turned it down, via email from my hotel in Nice. As I only received the notification of the interview, whilst I was already on my holiday and I’m GUNG HO that I’m moving out for construction for GOOD this time.

The 2nd public sector interview, came by phone (whilst I was in Nice also). I was looking at the number ringing, contemplating weather or not to answer it as I know the implications of answering calls whilst your abroad with regards to call/ network charges…but answer I did and spent a good 20 or so minutes in my hotel room, going through a pre interview, information session with a recruitment consultant. Only for her to make an arrangement for me to visit her at the office, which I then had to confirm I couldn’t as I was not in the country.

Soooo what’s the situation now…

Well Horrayyy!!! The first public sector role are still keen to see me and have rescheduled the interview for this coming Monday 


The second public sector job, the recruitment consultant has agreed to receive my application via email over this weekend. She has sent my availability over to the employer and I’ll get an answer by Monday, so I guess SUPER Waaayyy haaay for this as well….

So I’m happy to report that some good has come from all this madness, and there is some things currently in the pipeline…I guess it goes to show that no matter what life throws at you, or whatever madness is going on, with a little bit of hope and creativity you can find good and blessings within any situation…

So yeah just stepped off the plane and you’re gal, has an interview lined up first thing Monday morning…btw did I mention the job I’m interviewing for on Monday, my mum works in the same building Ha Ha

Now you know this is another post in its self…right 🙂


B xx

2 thoughts on “Waiting for One Interview & Along Comes Three!!!

  1. Thanks for your kind words and optimism “Interview Knowledge”, fingers crossed I hear some brilliant news this week 🙂 I will also check out your job seekers blog for sure!

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