D – Day Ahem…I mean Interview day!!!

At 11.00am this morning I had my job interview at a local council. I got my power suit on, donned my fierce shoes tucked my CV under my arm and went to slay the dragons. I arrived at my interview with 5 minutes to spare and then was a bit miffed to find out that the employers were running like half an hour late, due to the fact that the previous interview was running behind time EEKKK. So I was politely given the choice to grab a coffee and return in 30…

Never had this happen before, but hey there’s a first time for everything 🙂 Returned 30 minutes later and was shown to a room with a computer, where I was asked to do an Ms Word & Excel test (both of which I feel pretty confident I aced). However I did think to myself, my how things have changed since the good ole days (now I’m showing my age lol). Testing for a 3 month temp role, geesh due to the current climate the ball really is in employers courts now…

Anywhoo once the testing was completed, I was taken to the interview room where I met with a panel of two senior staff member’s. I introduced myself as soon as I entered the room, and gave my firm business-like million dollar hand shake. Then no sooner as I sat down, it was RIGHT we have 6 questions for you. I’ll ask three, my colleague will ask three and then you can ask us any questions you may have at the end. WOAAAAAH Steady on there matron, that was a bit harsh and direct. What happened to “tell me about yourself” and “tell us about your previous roles”. They just got right in there, firing questions off like a fully loaded rifle and vigorously writing every word that came out of my mouth like I was on trial for a notorious crime lol


I give myself 100% credit though I stayed cool, calm and collected and answered the questions in a confident and concise manner giving examples of things like how I handle stress and what steps I would take to administer petty cash.

At the end of the interview I waded in with a few questions like, what exactly does the role entail, will any training be provided and is there any room for growth within the role. After that it was pretty much, we will let you know by this afternoon the outcome of the interview, handshakes all round and that was it FINITO!


Couldn’t help chuckling to myself as I left the building though, it was a bit like what kind of interview was that. It was a very much what can you do for us type of attitude and we don’t want to know about you, all we want to know is will and can you do the job required…Well I guess they do say the no messing about and direct approach is best RIGHT…

Ahhh I dunno…it’s 7.31pm and I’ve not had the call to be told I got the job, so I guess it’s a NO from them. But to be honest do I really care…Nah not really.

Onwards and upwards me thinks,

B xx

2 thoughts on “D – Day Ahem…I mean Interview day!!!

    • Yes so true, you can have quite formal interviews and then more casual relaxed ones. Guess I’ve gotten so used to the relaxed type, due to the industry I used to work in, I forgot how nervy formal interviews can be 🙂 Ahh well!! Update on this tho, I didn’t get the job, not really bothered though, my mum works there lol 🙂

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