Recruitment Agencies – When they are good they are good but when they are BAD…

Here’s the tea…remember the role I told you about like two weeks ago, where I worked for a company for two days and then decided the role wasn’t for me due to the treatment and nature of the company. Well three weeks later and that recruitment agency are more n less withholding my pay.

On the day I told them I would no longer be continuing on in the assignment (Now bear in mind, I had no contract, I was being hired on a week to week basis I,e I could have been let go at any time). I asked them what I needed to do, with regards to my pay. They told me to send over my timesheet, to which I replied “I have none as you still have not sent me one even though I requested one”. I was told not to worry they will sort it…Why is it when people say don’t worry, it turns out that you should do exactly that WORRY lol

Fast forward three weeks and still no pay…now they are saying that they have been unable to get hold of the people I worked for, as they are not returning their calls or emails. As they are upset that another candidate left the job after a few days… Bottom line until they get hold of the employer, they will not pay me as they need confirmation that I worked the two days ARRRRGHHH

Cannot believe in 2014 agencies think they can behave like this, they are quite happy to place you into roles, but not so happy to pay you for hours worked. I did a quicky research online, to find out if what they are doing is unlawful and there is some legislation that states; they cannot withhold candidate’s wages, until they verify information from employers. I also phoned a solicitor for guidance, and was told basically that I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, as I didn’t get the timesheet signed and I have no evidence that I did indeed work the two days.


Was about to give up the fight, and then stumbled across another solicitor who provided me with some invaluable advice! They told me I need to send the agency a letter, documenting what has happened, hours worked, dates, my rate and what I want them to do. Then at the end of the letter, put a 7-14 day dead line for acknowledgement of the letter and 28 days to rectify the matter or I will be proceeding with legal action (The solicitor also gave me some clauses and savvy words to include :).

So I will be drafting up my letter and sending it out tomorrow, along with an email in the hope it will net me a more speedy response. I will defo keep you updated on this on guys…

If it’s one piece of advice I’ll give is if you work via an agency, always get your timesheet before you start your assignment or at least on the first day of your assignment. If you’ve only worked a couple of days, be damned sure to get that timesheet signed by that employer before you throw in the towel…Better still if you can work the week, DO so!! Then get your timesheet signed and then call it quits the same day if need be…

It’s an absolute biatch to know you’ve honoured you’re part of the agreement by going to work, and then agencies play silly games by holding on to your rightly deserved wages…


B xx

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