It’s TRUE Perseverance Really Does Pay Off!!

In one of my previous posts, I told you about how I worked two days via a recruitment agency. Who were now more and less refusing to pay me because I informed them (On my second day of work), that I would not be returning to the job. I also told ya’ll I had sought legal advice on the matter, and was advise to write them a letter of grievance.

Well your girl did exactly as advised and wrote that letter with all the passion and enthusiasm, you would use to cook a lovely meal for friends coming round for dinner 🙂 I went online and researched various laws, pertaining to recruitment agencies and their obligations to work seekers. I researched the agencies company structure, to get contact details for the managing director and partners (As I was denied this information, when I asked the consultant).

I then sent an email to all the directors, and the two recruitment consultants involved. Informing them of my wages request, intentions and that the correspondence was on its way to them via recorded delivery mail. No joke less than 30 minutes later, I had an email from the consultant saying that my pay is being processed and that they had spoken to my ex employer yesterday who confirmed my hours.

Here is the link to the original post, so you get the whole picture of the situation . But just to tie things up here 🙂 When I spoke to the consultant on Monday, I was told that my ex employer is refusing to respond to the consultants emails and phone calls, as they are upset with them, as all the staff they get from the agency don’t stay. Therefore until the employers make contact, there will be no pay for me..

Then the agency received my letter an law and behold, they happened to get hold of the employers who confirmed my hours yesterday…Now what a coincidence 🙂 About 2 hours later one of the managing directors, sent me an email to confirm that he will be investigating the matter immediately . Then towards the end of the day, the recruitment consult phoned me to advise, my pay is being processed and will be with me today or Friday the latest RESULT!!!


As I write this I haven’t received the monies, so I guess I won’t celebrate just yet. But it’s just so sad that I had to do all this, to get what was rightfully mine. I worked my hours, I did all what I needed to do and because the agency were peeved that I didn’t stay in the role they decided to play nasty.

Guess this proves the old adage, good always prevails over evil and just to let you guys know. If you have any issues where someone owes you money, or you know a business etc is trying to abuse their position, don’t ignore it or sweep it under the carpet. Seek legal advice and go to the CAB, there are lots of organisations that that will provide you with FREE legal advice…Time to fight back against these companies, business etc that believe they can dupe the public.

Wow I’m feeling all radical this morning, think it’s time for a cuppa to calm the old nerves lol

Have a lovely day all,

B xx

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