Creepy Crawlies Running Through The Night!!

So it’s that time now summer’s over, it’s noticeably colder and even foggy in the mornings. So what does that mean…yes all the creepy crawlies, are looking for somewhere warm to put their feet up lol At the moment that warm place seems to be my home.

spider 3

Now there’s something I haven’t told you, but you’ll get to know as there will be lots of tid bit posts about it. I absolutely HATE spiders!!! Just writing the word has got me feeling queasy with the hairs on my arms standing up.

Since the cooler times have been approaching, we keep spotting lots of little…actually scrap that they are not little at all. Lots of HUUUUUGE absolutely HUGE spiders, casually walking around the house. There was the one my youngest found in his room on his Chester draws, the one my hubby found on the stairs and then there was last night’s one.

spiders 2

Now I love my hubby to bits n all but he can be a right git sometimes (sorry babe :), cause he knows how I feel about spiders and he uses the situation to take the p*** and make jokes. So anyway back to last night!! I was sleeping and then felt my hubby shaking me, so opened my eyes all startled thinking this better be good. What does he have to tell me… at like 1.00am in the morning… I was watching TV and just saw this HUGE spider running across the floor. I killed it but just felt you needed to know, look there it is… I mean wt!?!

So I look over and there it is the hugest, thickest, spider you can imagine crumpled up on my floor near my closet. The darn thing was sooo big, that even though it had be crushed it’s huge legs and body was still intact Ewwww.

spider 1

So Mr Mr scoops it up and puts it in the bin, but guess what…cause I’ve seen it now I can’t get back to sleep cause I’m scared. So I basically spent the whole night curled up under hubby, heart pounding unable to sleep for fear of something crawling on me. Fast forward this morning, I woke up with both my arms wrapped around my hubby’s neck, I’m surprised I didn’t strangle him in his sleep lol

But I’m still uneasy, everywhere I go in the house I’m looking around , which is no good as you know the old saying seek and you shall find 🙂

Update: Just found this one on my kitchen floor 5 minutes ago 😁


B Xx


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