**Sad Face** My Laptop is Broken!!

Just got in from Vodafone Fashion Weekend and I’m tired as heck, but had an awesome time 😀 My hubby put the kettle on and I devoured a delish carrot & walnut cake from Toms Kitchen (I am in luv with the cream cheese frosting on that cake yum).


Took up my laptop to start organinsing my pics and write all about it, and I’ve discovered my laptop screen is broken…shattered in 7 different directions…I’m so upset I could cry 😭😭


I have to thank my lucky stars tho, cause one I can nick my hubby’s laptop, and two my hubby is an IT engineer and builds PCs. So while I’m writing this using my trusty IPhone. He is busy trying to see if he can get the screen to work…btw he’s just told me if it can’t work he’ll hook my baby lappy top up to our main PC, so he can remove the files and put them on his laptop or the external hard drive…the same hard-drive he always bugs me to save my docs on!!

So bear with my guys, I’ll have those Vodafone fashion bits uploaded soon.

B 😭😭


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