Shower Scrunchy oh Shower Scrunchy Where Art Thou??


This is so random but needs addressing do you know that I’ve gone through around 6 of those shower Scrunchy things in 9 months! Usually my shower Scrunches last FOREVER, even when I change them they are still intact. I usually buy a new one, cause I’m bored and want a new colour, but NEVER because the old one is damaged. This year for some reason, every-time I buy a new one by next month the whole thing comes apart.

Now your girl knows how to save money, I buy my shower scrunches in the pound store. I mean four scrunches for £1 you can’t get better than that BUT…they have been unravelling. So I decided to push the boat right out and get lavish, I purchased my last three shower scrunches from Boots and they too have been unravelling after a few weeks.


What’s going on… Is there a main distributor who’s made a batch of faulty scrunches?? Hence the constant unravelling  There’s nothing worse than having a nice relaxing shower, and then you start to wash your body and your scrunchy is all long and unravelled like a coarse scarf lol

I dunno… as it stands now the scrunchy I bought last week, unravelled this morning so I’m back to square one. Hmmm maybe I will go to Harrods or Selfridges for the my new one…:)

B xx

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