Thrifty Living: 15 Effective Handbag & Purse Care Tips!!

Since I’m on the job hunt for a lil longer than I expected, I’ve decided it would be a smart thing to reign in my extravagant spending and get thrifty by digging out and revamping some of my old handbags and purses.

Man I can’t believe how much bags and purses I’ve accumulated over the years and worse still the abysmal way I’ve cared for them…So with all the extra time on my hands, I’ve decided to clean em up and here’s what I discovered…

Handbag do’s

When you’re handbag is not in use, store it in a soft pillow case.

Always handle your bag with clean hands, as this prevents oil stains, make up stains and dirt marks.

If you change bags a lot consider using a bag liner, as this will help you change bags with ease and contain spillages that happen inside your bag.

When cleaning your handbag, always use soft cloths or soft tissue.

If you are going to use any lotions or cleaning liquids to clean your bag, always put the liquid on the cloth/tissue and not the bag it’s self.

Always tuck chains inside of your bag when not in use, as chains can leave dents and scratches in the material of the bag.


Handbag don’ts

Don’t leave you’re bag on the floor at the hair dressers as splashes of hair dye, perms etc can permanently mark your bag.

Don’t carry biros in light/tan coloured bags, try using a pencil instead as biro stains can be hard to remove.

When storing your bag use bubble wrap instead of tissue paper, this will help keep the bags shape and prevent moths.

Never use harsh/rough materials to clean your bag, as these can leave scuff marks and scratches on your stylifik handbag.


Bag safety

Keep your bag in sight at all times.

Always keep your bag firmly closed (I.e. fully zipped up) to prevent thieves, being able to dip their hands inside.

Remember it’s very easy to lose things from an open bag.

If the handles on you’re bag is short either hold the bag tightly in your hand, or carry it in the crevasse of your arm. This will reduce the likelihood of your bag being pulled from you.

If visiting places where it’s likely to be crowded, consider using a messenger bag which goes across your body. Be sure to keep it in front of you.

The safety bit I thought I’d throw RIGHT it in there, as I remembered the time I wasn’t being so safe and parked my car in Shoreditch. I tucked my handbag under my car seat (Yeah I know dumb move), by the time I got back my car window had been smashed to smithereens and my beloved patent handbag with the black fringing and my pink patent Louis Vuitton purse had been nicked!!

So there can’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂
B xx

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