Ackee & saltfish is sooo delicious, BUT do you know what saltfish actually looks like???”

Saltfish is a key item in Caribbean cooking, and it is used to create tasty treats like ackee & saltfish, saltfish frittters, saltfish and callaloo plus much more. But how much do we actually know about this tasty salted product?

Where does saltfish come from?

What does saltfish look like?

These questions inspired me to scour the Internet, and read articles related to saltfish. At first it was difficult to find information or pictures, about this tasty fish that most Caribbean people eat at least once per week. Then after liaising with various sources, I recieved some UNBELIEVABLE pictures in an e-mail, which claim to be saltfish in it’s natural state.

Take a look at the pictures below PLEASE NOTE If you frighten easily do not view these pictures…

Food lovers what do you think, could this really be what saltfish really looks like???

Hum….as far as I can remember when ever you ask a Caribbean elder what sort of fish is a saltfish, and what does it look like they always say “saltfish is cod fish, but no one nuh see wha it look like, mi hear seh it’s a ugly looking thing that has a beard and almost look human”.

After seeing this pictures I may never eat…..

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