Afternoon Tea For 2……More Likely Tea & Iceland Pastries

Just to clear things up from the onset, I’m not (and I repeat NOT 🙂 going to bang on about work today! I’m getting back to what I do naturally and that is indulge in all the great things London and the UK has to offer.

Yesterday my heeled tootsies, took me off to explore a new afternoon tea place in the heart of East London!!!

You know what’s really strange about this………I am REAL familiar with Stratford and East London and yet never knew, there was a hotel on Stratford high road. Soooo after acquainting myself with the receptionists at the Hotel, I was shown through to the tea stroke dining room which was surprisingly stunning. The décor was ultra-modern, sleek and the atmosphere was light and airy, all in all very upmarket for a place in East London with minimal foot flow.


So after checking out the menu, I decided to order my afternoon tea (411 on my tea, I always go for breakfast blend super yum). My tea came super-hot which was great, as I went to afternoon tea recently and was served luke warm tea YUCK, so was really pleased this brew was piping hot. After cradling my cup and indulging in a bit of chitty chat, it was time for the “piece de resistance”…the finger food!!!

Unfortunately I wish I could have enjoyed the food, as much as I enjoyed the tea. The food was really mediocre and the sandwiches were so basic tuna, egg mayonnaise and mixed peppers…YES you heard right mixed peppers put in-between two slices of bread and passed off as a sandwich! So you can imagine you’re gurl was not pleased at all, so I did what a gurl had to do…….I left my hubby to eat sarnies cause I couldn’t or should I say wouldn’t 🙂 Now on to the cakes…

Let’s just say the mini cakes were all cold, to the point where they tasted like they came from Iceland’s frozen party selection and the scones oh dear me the scones. They looked like someone had gone slightly crazy with the baking powder, as they were super puffy, they had no raisins and the jam and cream had already been spread in them for you!!!

I mean I don’t know about you, but for me the absolutely best part of afternoon tea is the cutting of the scones, then taking your knife and spreading your jam and smoothing delicious clotted cream as thickly or thinly as you desire (the spreading of the jam on scones is an art form don’t cha know and there’s just something so special about having the freedom to spread and perfect until your hearts content) But Noooo, I was stripped of this glory unfortunately 😦

But anywhoo I decided to do the scone taste test because hey, they may have tasted nicer than they looked WRONG!!!!! The scones tasted awful, they put butter on them so umm yep I had on a plate of scones in front of me smothered in butter, jam and cream with no raisins…How lovely 🙂 I have to confess about half an hour after the finger food was served, we hurriedly left the venue with pretty hungry tummies.

But HEY you know what…. after it’s all said and done, I’m glad we checked this place out….…reason for it’s made us appreciate delicious afternoon teas at places like Thistle Trafalgar and Mariott Marble Arch. I tell you one thing though, next time I fancy afternoon tea, I will be getting in where I fit in…

Shwish Swish
B x

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