Caribbean Stylee Chinese Chow Mein????


As much as I adore Caribbean cooking, I also have a fond passion of cooking other world cuisines like Chinese italian, Asian etc

Yesterday I was in the mood for Chinese (which by the way is one of my favourite cuisines), be it bought at my local Chinese shop (sending a shout out to Golden Crown in Queens bridge road E8, I live about 1/2 hr away from the shop, and drive to go and get my Chinese meal as the food is sooooo gud) or favourite restaurant (I see you Au Lac in highbury and Islington), I just love Chinese food.

So out came the wok, and all the veg I could find in the fridge. I’m a firm believer of having my cupboard well stocked with spices (which reminds me, I must show you my seasoning cupboard, it’s full of wonderful herbs and spices I collect from round the world) so I had the Chinese spices covered, and I got down to cooking up a gorgeous stir fry.

Take a look, my homemade Chinese chow mein (and it only took 1/2 hr to prepare)

xiang shou – Meaning “Enjoy” (in Chinese)

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