Mrs B – Hairstyling Update!!!

So after my last share fest about the surprise test at college, I’m glad to report things are going surprisingly well. I know my way round my campus (finally), I know what assignments/tests I should be doing on the computer and best of all I’m absolutely loving the practical hairdressing!!!

So far the powers that be have me doing blowdry’s, setting, sectioning, shampooing hair and my all time favourite learning about hair products. Now I dunno about you, but I get a rush of excitement when it comes to hair products. I swear I could spend hours just reading the ingredients, and getting more hyped every time I see the promise of shiny, thick, soft, manageable hair!

It’s just a shame sometimes that a LOT of hair product manufacturers, make these claims when in fact the products do nothing at all…… hmmmm

Keep posted to the blog ya’ll I may start naming and shaming some of those hair brands later…

Stay fabulous XX

Ps: Peep my rollers and pin curl combo below!!!

" She has a face only a mother can love"

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