My Saturday Hair Haul!!!

So it’s that time again when all my hair products are at that (just near empty) point in all their bottles and tubs, so that was my cue to go hair shopping!!

I threw on ma Saturday jeans, waist length military Jacket and hit the streets of East London to go buy me some hair products.

My hair radar took me to Paks in Chatsworth road, btw this is my favourite branch, as they carry so much hair products and always seem to have the exclusive American brands.

So in I went… my hair wanted an anti- itch shampoo and conditioner (as my scalp has felt slightly irritated of late) I decided on Karecare’s 2 step system for this.

I also bought some pure coconut oil to add to my conditioner for extra moisture, as it’s one of the only oils that penetrate deep into the hair.

I also nabbed a leave in conditioner, wrapping and setting lotion and a couple of hair accessories.

After being more than a couple of pounds lighter (in a monetary sense), I felt happy with all my hair booty. So much so that I decided to snap a pic!

Stay fabulous xx

My Saturday afternoon hair haul!

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