Things that go BUMP in the Night or In This Case Day Time As Well…

O.k so here’s the thing I have/ had…(I’m not even sure which to say now) quite nice hair, people compliment me a lot on it and my hair is something that I take a lot of time, care and pride in (hence the numerous posts about my hair and products. 

However for the last year and a bit, I’ve been dealing with what can only be described as one of the most annoying, embarrassing and depressing thing that could happen to your hair and for the life of me no-one has been able to concrete tell me what this flaming thing is, how I got it or what I can do to treat it….O.K stay with me now because I’m about to go DEEP….


I used to go to this hair salon about two years ago and for some reason the stylist always wanted to cut my hair, personally I’m very sceptical about anyone who always wants to cut my hair every-time I go to the salon. So because of this it seemed to create a bit of tension, so I decided to visit another salon.

All was going well at that salon, until again she wanted to hack all my hair off and I was like o.k for the first two visits after that I was like, HALE NAW if you cut my hair on every visit pretty soon I won’t have any hair left. So because I told her no she had an attitude whilst finishing off my hair, to the point where she didn’t even spray it with hairspray / sheen once the style was complete. So again I made a pact not to EVER visit that salon.

Stuck for hairdressers instead of looking for a new one, I was at a loose end and decided to visit the original saloon I used to go to in the hope that maybe things (per say stylist lady’s attitude) would have changed……Guys I could cry right now for making that decision…… Ever since I visited that salon my scalp has been EXTREAMLY itchy and when I say itchy I mean ITCHY and it’s not only that shortly after all the itching, this crust like thing developed on my scalp with white patches and then it turned to huge white, slight cream yellow flakes 


Fast forward a year and I am still dealing with this issue and it is a pain in the A**, I’ve gone from being able to wash my hair every two weeks to having to wash it almost 2 times a week, as these damn flakes are everywhere. The moment you touch your hair i.e run your fingers through it, these flakes just pop out to say HELLO!!

Worst of all when you try and section your hair to remove the flakes or brush them out, these buggers actually stick to your hair, they act like magnets or something. You’re there trying to slide em out and their holding on for dear life!!!


I’ve tried so many different hair shampoos all saying yeah they get rid of flakes (BLAH BLAH), dandruff, they kill scalp bacteria (MORE BLAH BLAH BLAH) and none of them work, tho…truth be told TGEL from NEUTROGENA which has Coal Tar has been most effective. KeraCare’s itchy 2 step system has done NADA, ZILTCH for the problem. If anything I found that the KeraCare products made the problem worse i.e I’ll wash my hair and by the next day a head full of flakes!! And before you say” have you been to the doctors” YUP I have!!!!!!

All they did was tell me that it’s nothing to worry about, there’s no explanation as to why it’s happening, however to calm things down here’s some crappy shampoo that will do nothing but dry out your hair arrrgggghhhhhh Sorry for the rant folks but it’s just so frustrating. I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on different, lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners all promising something or another and delivering hmmmmmmm…… not much at all (except for the Neutrogena Coal Tar shampoo:).


When I get a bit of time, I’ll throw up a few pics of the products I’ve accumulated due to fancy promises of a healthy flake free scalp. Until then it looks like (in the voice / words of Nicole Scherzinger ) Neutrogena “I’MA STICK WIT CHUUUUUUUU”

B x

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