“Knock Knock”…..Hey Let Us In Its Inspiration & Positivity Calling!

I’m feeling all inspired today, I’ve been filling up on some wise words of wisdom from the one and only Joyce Myer. I’ve also been using my daily mantra cards from Louise Hay and your gurl is feeling sooo darn good.

It’s kind of strange though how when you go through things in life, it can leave you feeling so drained, fearful and worried about the future. Dreams you were once so sure about, suddenly seem really far away and so unrealistic. But hey I guess it’s at times like these, we dip into our positivity reserves and muster up those extra helpings of inspiration, strength and faith and slowly start to build back and get ourselves on that all important road to recovery.


For me that’s exactly what I have been doing, reassuring myself about how fabulous I am (Yes you’re gurl is fabulous), openly confessing my strong qualities such as being a great organiser, methodical, extremely dedicated to all I set my hands to, a loyal friend, a good mother, supportive wife and the list goes on, I’ve actually begun to feel the power of these words. Recently I found I was questioning my life, my values, dreams etc but since speaking positive words over myself. I now question myself a whole lot less, as I’ve learned to reassure myself of my abilities and therefore feel confident in my skills and most importantly in who I’ve been purposely and wonderfully created to be.

I just want to let the world know that if you’re feeling a bit unsure about you’re future, or you have been or are going through something that has knocked your confidence a bit. A good place as any to start is to speak some positive / affirmations into the air and affirm your greatness and you will soon start to feel more empowered, confident and sure in your abilities…


I am going to set a lil challenge, let’s start a daily affirmation diet i.e starting from tomorrow every morning, afternoon and evening (Best before you go to bed) for 7 days let’s give ourselves a special treat by saying our affirmations. Hit me up on the comments and let me know how you’re getting on.

They say there’s strength in numbers, if so let’s prove it by empowering one another to step into our greatness and be all we can be…


B xx

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