Because I’m Entitled

You see us all powerful highly confident,
we walk the walk and talk the talk.
We are the smart ones, don’t you
know we know everything.

We rule nations we make decisions,
allowances are made for us because
we are in charge.

Can you not tell by the slowness of
my walk, the lengthening of my
back, the haughtiness
of my voice.

I have the power & the right and
I’m not afraid to use it or abuse it.
Everywhere I go, I know I’m entitled,
cause just cause.

I don’t need to explain why the manner
in which I walk, the way I look at you
already tells.

I am all powerful, I’m entitled and
the ruler of all things, weather they
belong to me or not..

Copyright @2014 Sherene Murray No Part of this work may be copied, transferred, reproduced or used without prior consent from the owner.

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