The Call

You get the call, it’s the answer to all your problems.
So excited, so excited you say yes before you’ve
had a chance to think.

Ecstatic so happy, planning time is here.
You know it’s for real now, time to get
planning, dreaming about what will be.

Feelings, up down lots of chatter.
Will I, do I, did I well I don’t know,
all I know is it’s happening.

So it’s time, I’m on my way,
going, being, expecting good
bad all manner of things.

I get there and put on a show.
False smiles, airs and graces
I didn’t know I had.

Then I see the looks in their eyes,
and I can tell if I’ve found my destination,
my home the place I’ve been looking for…

Copyright @2014 Sherene Murray No Part of this work may be copied, transferred, reproduced or used without prior consent from the owner.

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