Guess Who Went To Africa Fashion Week London 2014….

AFWL 2014

AFWL 2014

In case you didn’t know (because I always seem to be ranting about work) I am a huge fashion, hair and beauty fan. Anything to do with the industry I am always willing, available and ready to put my best foot forward to get involved as I love the excitement, creativity and sheer atmosphere of all things beautiful. Sooooo as this weekend was “Africa Fashion Week London”, I donned my favourite max factor lipstick, my bright blue blazer, Aztec print clutch and rode the district line all the way over to Olympia.

On arrival it was goodie bags on hand and a light but airy studio, with the stage as the centre piece ready to grace the all gorgeous MODELS!! So before taking my seat, I decided to browse some of the outlets that stocked everything African inspired that you can imagine. From clutches, shoes, earrings, peplum tops, hats, trainers the designers had their creations on lock. Had me feeling like I didn’t want summer to end as I want to wear the colours and well and truly full joy the summertime vibes lool


So yes after shedding out a wad load of cash, I decided to take my seat and enjoy the shows and maaan I so was not disappointed. There were every colours from the rainbow on garments, fresh and creative hairstyles (some of my favourites was hair sculpted into sloping shapes), gorgeous shoes. All in all creativity and style on another level!!


The shows continued on well after 6.00pm, but by this time I was mega starving as I’d missed breakfast and skipped lunch and was practically on the verge of fainting. So made a quick exit and landed up in my favourite eatery pizza express.

All in all a good day me thinks  Now you know I wouldn’t give you the low down, with ought at least posting some pics RIIIIIGHT…


B xx

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