Chilli’s Please Do NOT Stand Up!!!


Now we have to have a lil chat about this chilli and hot peppers thing…

Most people especially those from the Caribbean, Asia and Africa like to think that the chillies that originate from their countries are the hottest. GUYS I’m so sorry to bust this myth but it’s not true!! I have tasted a chilli that is sooooooo darn hot, you have to lie down until the heat cools off.


You would think I’m about to tell you about some Chillies from a far off country somewhere, grown in sweltering heat. But nooooo I’m talking about Chillies that I purchased in Morrison’s supermarket. Those innocent red and green Chillies are anything but!!

The other night I decided to use one (Only one), in a pasta and meat ball dish. I didn’t even cut the chilli I cooked it with the sauce so we could get a lil of the Aroma.

After I shared the dinner, I then foolishly decided to take the chilli out of the pot and put it on my plate to eat with my food. I took one bite of the chilli and instantly my scalp started scratching…actually that’s not true it started burning. I started sweating and my tongue, inner cheek even my gums were burning. So I jumped up and began to chug down water, you would have thought that would have helped right…NOT The chilli continued to burn and sting.

Then suddenly I felt a massive gripe in my stomach, like excruciating stomach cramps (Now remember I have two beautiful bundles of joy and not even their deliveries compared to this pain). Instantly I had to hot foot it to my bedroom and lie down, I couldn’t move I was in soooo much pain.

Then FINALLY after about 10 mins, the pains faded and the burning and itching stopped. Flaming (Like the pun) heck what was in those Chilli’s man!! Better still I don’t even want to or care to know… One thing I can happily tell you though, is NEVER EVER again will you catch me eating Chillies. Just the sight of them makes my stomach turn and head itch lol

Just out of concern and to hopefully stroke my damaged ego, has anyone else experienced something similar eating Chillies…If so get commenting let a girl know she’s not a Chilli wuss 🙂

B xx

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