When life gives you lemons

Haaay your girl is back, well um sort of…did you notice that I have not been posting in a lil while…

Well yours truly decided to rebirth her ice skating skills and decided the best place to do this was the ever so inviting Lee valley ice skating centre. Well to cut a long story short, the rebirth was short lived because I fell down and broke my ankle!

Yup Tavia has been stuck at home for what seems like eternity with a broken ankle. All the fab things I had planned for November and December have all gone out of the window, as for college I last attended in October.

I am absolutely gutted, college was happening my roller set and blow dry’s were getting so good and now nada!!

I speak to my college buds regularly and they tell me we have moved on to new units like highlights, dressing hair, shampoo and conditioning, there’s also been trips to clothes show live in Birmingham, and 4 exams.

To my ears it all seems like S**** I’ve really messed this up, how the flip am I going to get back on track when the course has progressed so far….

I’ve often wondered should I defer and start again in September because I’ve missed so much or should I carry on, work my butt off and catch up?

I know I’m going with the latter it’s in my DNA that when life throws me lemons I make lemonade!

So yup January is going to be a testing month for me, not only will I be learning to walk I’ll also be catching up on my second semester work, as well as starting semester 3.


Can Mrs B do it?????
I’ll keep you posted Xx

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