It’s TRUE Perseverance Really Does Pay Off!!

17 Sep

In one of my previous posts, I told you about how I worked two days via a recruitment agency. Who were now more and less refusing to pay me because I informed them (On my second day of work), that I would not be returning to the job. I also told ya’ll I had sought legal advice on the matter, and was advise to write them a letter of grievance.

Well your girl did exactly as advised and wrote that letter with all the passion and enthusiasm, you would use to cook a lovely meal for friends coming round for dinner :) I went online and researched various laws, pertaining to recruitment agencies and their obligations to work seekers. I researched the agencies company structure, to get contact details for the managing director and partners (As I was denied this information, when I asked the consultant).

I then sent an email to all the directors, and the two recruitment consultants involved. Informing them of my wages request, intentions and that the correspondence was on its way to them via recorded delivery mail. No joke less than 30 minutes later, I had an email from the consultant saying that my pay is being processed and that they had spoken to my ex employer yesterday who confirmed my hours.

Here is the link to the original post, so you get the whole picture of the situation . But just to tie things up here :) When I spoke to the consultant on Monday, I was told that my ex employer is refusing to respond to the consultants emails and phone calls, as they are upset with them, as all the staff they get from the agency don’t stay. Therefore until the employers make contact, there will be no pay for me..

Then the agency received my letter an law and behold, they happened to get hold of the employers who confirmed my hours yesterday…Now what a coincidence :) About 2 hours later one of the managing directors, sent me an email to confirm that he will be investigating the matter immediately . Then towards the end of the day, the recruitment consult phoned me to advise, my pay is being processed and will be with me today or Friday the latest RESULT!!!


As I write this I haven’t received the monies, so I guess I won’t celebrate just yet. But it’s just so sad that I had to do all this, to get what was rightfully mine. I worked my hours, I did all what I needed to do and because the agency were peeved that I didn’t stay in the role they decided to play nasty.

Guess this proves the old adage, good always prevails over evil and just to let you guys know. If you have any issues where someone owes you money, or you know a business etc is trying to abuse their position, don’t ignore it or sweep it under the carpet. Seek legal advice and go to the CAB, there are lots of organisations that that will provide you with FREE legal advice…Time to fight back against these companies, business etc that believe they can dupe the public.

Wow I’m feeling all radical this morning, think it’s time for a cuppa to calm the old nerves lol

Have a lovely day all,

B xx

4 Days until Vodafone Fashion Weekend 2014!!

16 Sep

Due to the job seeking drama of late, I almost forgot that Vodafone fashion weekend is happening on Friday Super whoop whoop!!

I love Fashion Weekend, it’s an excuse to get all dressed up, sit on the F-row and view amazing collections plus bag some exclusive pieces from u- known & well know designers. Ahhhhh and don’t get me started on the freebies that are handed out on the day. Last year I was blessed with a Maybeline gift box which included, eye liner, nail varnish, lipstick and blusher. Plus I was given more lipstick and nail varnishes throughout the day, whilst moving around the event, as well as a stunning filled goodie bag 

Don’t worry guy’s l’ll do a post update with pics, so you can share the amazing day.

Until then let the countdown BEGING 4, 3, 2…


B xx

Update: there are some tickets still available visit to find out more :)

Recruitment Agencies – When they are good they are good but when they are BAD…

16 Sep

Here’s the tea…remember the role I told you about like two weeks ago, where I worked for a company for two days and then decided the role wasn’t for me due to the treatment and nature of the company. Well three weeks later and that recruitment agency are more n less withholding my pay.

On the day I told them I would no longer be continuing on in the assignment (Now bear in mind, I had no contract, I was being hired on a week to week basis I,e I could have been let go at any time). I asked them what I needed to do, with regards to my pay. They told me to send over my timesheet, to which I replied “I have none as you still have not sent me one even though I requested one”. I was told not to worry they will sort it…Why is it when people say don’t worry, it turns out that you should do exactly that WORRY lol

Fast forward three weeks and still no pay…now they are saying that they have been unable to get hold of the people I worked for, as they are not returning their calls or emails. As they are upset that another candidate left the job after a few days… Bottom line until they get hold of the employer, they will not pay me as they need confirmation that I worked the two days ARRRRGHHH

Cannot believe in 2014 agencies think they can behave like this, they are quite happy to place you into roles, but not so happy to pay you for hours worked. I did a quicky research online, to find out if what they are doing is unlawful and there is some legislation that states; they cannot withhold candidate’s wages, until they verify information from employers. I also phoned a solicitor for guidance, and was told basically that I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, as I didn’t get the timesheet signed and I have no evidence that I did indeed work the two days.


Was about to give up the fight, and then stumbled across another solicitor who provided me with some invaluable advice! They told me I need to send the agency a letter, documenting what has happened, hours worked, dates, my rate and what I want them to do. Then at the end of the letter, put a 7-14 day dead line for acknowledgement of the letter and 28 days to rectify the matter or I will be proceeding with legal action (The solicitor also gave me some clauses and savvy words to include :).

So I will be drafting up my letter and sending it out tomorrow, along with an email in the hope it will net me a more speedy response. I will defo keep you updated on this on guys…

If it’s one piece of advice I’ll give is if you work via an agency, always get your timesheet before you start your assignment or at least on the first day of your assignment. If you’ve only worked a couple of days, be damned sure to get that timesheet signed by that employer before you throw in the towel…Better still if you can work the week, DO so!! Then get your timesheet signed and then call it quits the same day if need be…

It’s an absolute biatch to know you’ve honoured you’re part of the agreement by going to work, and then agencies play silly games by holding on to your rightly deserved wages…


B xx

D – Day Ahem…I mean Interview day!!!

15 Sep

At 11.00am this morning I had my job interview at a local council. I got my power suit on, donned my fierce shoes tucked my CV under my arm and went to slay the dragons. I arrived at my interview with 5 minutes to spare and then was a bit miffed to find out that the employers were running like half an hour late, due to the fact that the previous interview was running behind time EEKKK. So I was politely given the choice to grab a coffee and return in 30…

Never had this happen before, but hey there’s a first time for everything :) Returned 30 minutes later and was shown to a room with a computer, where I was asked to do an Ms Word & Excel test (both of which I feel pretty confident I aced). However I did think to myself, my how things have changed since the good ole days (now I’m showing my age lol). Testing for a 3 month temp role, geesh due to the current climate the ball really is in employers courts now…

Anywhoo once the testing was completed, I was taken to the interview room where I met with a panel of two senior staff member’s. I introduced myself as soon as I entered the room, and gave my firm business-like million dollar hand shake. Then no sooner as I sat down, it was RIGHT we have 6 questions for you. I’ll ask three, my colleague will ask three and then you can ask us any questions you may have at the end. WOAAAAAH Steady on there matron, that was a bit harsh and direct. What happened to “tell me about yourself” and “tell us about your previous roles”. They just got right in there, firing questions off like a fully loaded rifle and vigorously writing every word that came out of my mouth like I was on trial for a notorious crime lol


I give myself 100% credit though I stayed cool, calm and collected and answered the questions in a confident and concise manner giving examples of things like how I handle stress and what steps I would take to administer petty cash.

At the end of the interview I waded in with a few questions like, what exactly does the role entail, will any training be provided and is there any room for growth within the role. After that it was pretty much, we will let you know by this afternoon the outcome of the interview, handshakes all round and that was it FINITO!


Couldn’t help chuckling to myself as I left the building though, it was a bit like what kind of interview was that. It was a very much what can you do for us type of attitude and we don’t want to know about you, all we want to know is will and can you do the job required…Well I guess they do say the no messing about and direct approach is best RIGHT…

Ahhh I dunno…it’s 7.31pm and I’ve not had the call to be told I got the job, so I guess it’s a NO from them. But to be honest do I really care…Nah not really.

Onwards and upwards me thinks,

B xx

Waiting for One Interview & Along Comes Three!!!

14 Sep

You’ve probably just read my last post about my relaxing, yet adventurous holiday to Nice (The South of France). If you haven’t read it what are you waiting for, go back to the home page and read now PRONTO :) I guarantee it will get you packing your bag and booking your next trip!

But whilst I was sunning it up in Nice, don’t believe for one minute things in my life was sugar n spice and all things nice. There have been some pretty strange developments, in the job department going on…

Firstly I’ve still been putting out my CV, signing on with agencies and doing all the job searchy type stuff you do when you’re desperate ( nah just kidding) seriously looking for work. I’ve spoken to a recruitment consultant, who always sends me construction jobs even though she knows I want out of construction, and want to go back to the public sector.

To tell you the truth not much has been happening, on the work front lately… so I’m having to be really disciplined, about NOT taking another construction job out of desperation. As I know what I’m like…I’ll take a construction job telling myself “ I’m just doing this job for the money, and until I find a public sector job”. Once I’m in the role I’ll get caught up by the money, the fact that I know the role and basically become complacent… Then It will be the same old cycle coming round again, it usually goes something like this;

I take the dud job> when the same ole cracks start showing> I remember that I shouldn’t be in the construction industry anyway> I start job hunting> I get calls to interview> Attending the interviews become difficult, as I cannot get the required time off > I start worrying that if I take too much time off, I’ll get a bad rep at my current job and possibly a crappy reference> but then when I don’t attend the interviews, I get frustrated as I begin to feel stuck in the crappy job that I know I want to get out of.


What’s a girl to do…what choice do I usually make after going round and round in this circle……I LEAVE, I quit and then end up out of work job hunting again. So yeah back to what I was saying, I’ve been really good at trying to break this cycle as of late, by knocking back the construction jobs interviews 

Tbh interviews and responses from employers have been quite slow, although because it’s September and managers and staff are just settling back into work, after the summer it’s kind of understandable… BUT what is not understandable, is how last week (The week of the 1st of September), I had no interviews and hardly any phone calls. Then this week (The week of the 8th of September, holiday week), I get 1 agency sign up the day before I’m due to fly out for my hols, 1 job interview for a public sector job on the Thursday when I’ll be in Nice and 2 interviews on the Friday for another public sector job and a construction job whilst I’m in Nice.


Now let me break this all down, I was so going to postpone the agency sign up to this week coming (I don’t know about you, but I never work the day before I’m due to fly. As I always have too much last minute running around to do, so I always keep the day free to do my last minute things in peace), but I did some research and noticed they specialised in public sector jobs, which is the field I’m trying to break into. So I put my laid back ideals aside and went and signed up to the agency (FYI the Thursday interview, came via this agency :)

But 3 interviews in one week…and the week when I’m not in the country to attend…Awww Mane I could have cried what the **** is going on with that…I swear life can be so strange and unpredictable at times. When your there, ready and available nothing happens and then the moment you take a step and do something, all sorts of doors start opening and opportunities start flooding in.

So what’s a girl to do??? What did I do??? Well, I spoke to the agency regarding the Thursday interview and the fact that I would be away. I provided a guarantee that I would be available to interview, first thing Monday morning.

The construction interview I turned it down, via email from my hotel in Nice. As I only received the notification of the interview, whilst I was already on my holiday and I’m GUNG HO that I’m moving out for construction for GOOD this time.

The 2nd public sector interview, came by phone (whilst I was in Nice also). I was looking at the number ringing, contemplating weather or not to answer it as I know the implications of answering calls whilst your abroad with regards to call/ network charges…but answer I did and spent a good 20 or so minutes in my hotel room, going through a pre interview, information session with a recruitment consultant. Only for her to make an arrangement for me to visit her at the office, which I then had to confirm I couldn’t as I was not in the country.

Soooo what’s the situation now…

Well Horrayyy!!! The first public sector role are still keen to see me and have rescheduled the interview for this coming Monday 


The second public sector job, the recruitment consultant has agreed to receive my application via email over this weekend. She has sent my availability over to the employer and I’ll get an answer by Monday, so I guess SUPER Waaayyy haaay for this as well….

So I’m happy to report that some good has come from all this madness, and there is some things currently in the pipeline…I guess it goes to show that no matter what life throws at you, or whatever madness is going on, with a little bit of hope and creativity you can find good and blessings within any situation…

So yeah just stepped off the plane and you’re gal, has an interview lined up first thing Monday morning…btw did I mention the job I’m interviewing for on Monday, my mum works in the same building Ha Ha

Now you know this is another post in its self…right :)


B xx

2 Nights 3 Days & Lots of Fun in the South of France

13 Sep

After browsing the internet during one loooong hot day in August, I stumbled upon a fab Easyjet holiday to Nice for 2 nights and three days. Now you know I didn’t have to think twice, before punching my Debit card deets into the box and booking it up. After the months I’ve had in my previous crappy job, I needs me a break :)

Sooo Wednesday gone was holiday time!!! Your girl packed her hand luggage and a suitcase (Yeah I know why a suitcase for 3 days…It takes a lot to be beautiful ya know lol) and headed over to Gatwick airport at 3.00am for my 6.00am flight. After checking in and being told that my flight was going to be delayed for one hour, I was not overly fussed as it spelt DUTY FREE SHOPPING TIME!!!


I had a lil wonder around and finally nabbed that bottle of Jimmy Choo Perfume, that I always pick up in duty free and then put back for something else. I also treated myself to a lovely gold journal some pens from Harrods, Fortnum and mason tea bags (Pricey I know, but they make the perfect brew) and a lil bottle of Jack Dee for….you know what that’s for :)


After almost emptying my bank account before even leaving the Uk, it was time to board my plane and head over to destination Nice!!! After an hour and a bit flight I arrived at my destination, now I’ve been Nice before and had an amazing time. However as it was my first time, I didn’t really venture off the beaten path so I used taxis etc instead of buses. BUT this time I was adamant that I would get down like the locals, and find my way around and explore as many places as possible in three days. Here’s how I got on…


Day 1:
I arrived in Nice, and nabbed a bus from outside the airport that took me straight to Gare De Nice Ville station (Located in the centre of Nice). The bus fare was 1.50 Euros for a 15-20 minute journey, this was fab for me as I was staying 5 mins from Gare De Nice Ville train station.

I checked into my hotel, dropped my bags and then headed down to Avenue Jean Medecin, where I had a delicious bite to eat at a local Chinese restaurant. After my delish lunch, I grabbed the bus 100 from Nice all the way to Monaco. Tip: If you’re ever in Nice, be sure to experience the bus ride to Monaco. The ride is super scenic and worth every bit of the 1.50 Euro bus fare.






Day 2:
After deciding and un-deciding, on whether to venture down to Saint Tropez. I decided on the former and caught a train from Gare De Nice Ville station, and got off at Saint Raphael station. I then crossed an over-path to catch my bus straight to Saint Tropez. It was an extremely long journey, but well worth doing as I got to see/ drive through many different places along the way such as Saint Raphael, Grimaud, Saint Maxime, Frejus plus much more.

Saint Tropez it’s self…oh man was it gorgeous beautiful beaches, even more beautiful people, quaint restaurants… it most definitely is the place to see and be seen. Unfortunately due to the late hour that I started my journey, I only had 3 hours to explore, but I soooo made use of the time!






Not a good day as it was time to go home, I couldn’t believe my holiday ended so quickly. However I ensured it ended with a bang, by spending the entire day in CANNNES!!! I got the train from Gare De Nice Vile Station, direct to Cannes station. After visiting a local market and some lovely quaint shops, tucked away in little side streets. I decided to hit the beach and take in some sizzling sunshine!! Then two guys and a really annoying but overfly friendly dog, came on the beach and ruined my tranquillity. So I decided to pack up shop and go in search of a bite to eat. I still had quite a few hours to kill in Cannes, so decided to take a boat tour to neighbouring Island Sainte Marguerite and boy was I in for a surprise. After departing the boat, I stepped on to an un-habited Island sitting just minutes from Cannes. I decided to go all explorer and took myself up a hill, down into some bushes and over some tree barks that were blocking a road. I also climbed some rocks, and then finally decided to settle at the edge of the sea, near a school group who were learning how to canoe!





I had made a plan to leave my un-habited Island at 4.15pm, so I could catch my train back to Nice, grab my luggage and head to the airport. But I was soooo in love with Sainte Marguerite Island, I decided to stay on the Island a lil longer and catch the 5.00pm boat back to Cannes instead :) Don’t worry guys, I still managed to get my train, my bus and catch my flight home on time…okay you caught me, I reached Easyjet check in 2 minutes before it was due to close!

All I can say is that I had a Fab Fab Fab holiday, to be honest I wasn’t even ready to come home. I’m one of those people who take a while to get in to holiday mode, and then by the time I’m all relaxed and holiday ready it’s time to come home lol

Before I wrap it up (cause I’m mega tired, as I didn’t arrive home until 2.00am this morning and I’m in desperate need of sleep), here’s my tips for holidaying in Nice…

1. Take a bus ride to Monaco, even if Monaco is not you’re thing GO just for the scenic bus ride, trust me you won’t regret it 

2. Take a boat trip to an outer Island in Cannes, however be sure to bring some food and drinks with you before you board the boat, as food on the island is extremely limited and expensive

3. Keep an eye on your luggage, backpack, handbag, wallet etc when travelling around, thieves are notorious in the South of France especially around the train stations and bus stations

4. Be sure to taste a least one scoop of gelato ice cream, omg it is to die for

5. Some meals in restaurants can be quite large, so save cash by purchasing a selection of dishes to share, it will allow you to taste a range of delicious foods on the Island for less

6. You don’t need to book an expensive tour to get to Saint Tropez (some of these tours are PRETTY pricy and start from 68 Euros per person). Simply start your journey early and catch a train and bus, DIY will ensure you get to spend more time in Saint Tropez, for less money

Right there you have it, my reason for being extremely quite these last 3 days, I’m now off to bed now…..I feel soooo tired, I think I need another holiday to recover “Smiles”


B xx

Chilli’s Please Do NOT Stand Up!!!

6 Sep

Now we have to have a lil chat about this chilli and hot peppers thing…
Most people especially those from the Caribbean, Asia and Africa like to think that the chillies that originate from their countries are the hottest. GUYS I’m so sorry to bust this myth but it’s not true!!
I have tasted a chilli that is sooooooo darn hot, you have to lie down until the heat cools off.


You would think I’m about to tell you about some Chillies from a far off country somewhere, grown in sweltering heat. But nooooo I’m talking about Chillies that I purchased in Morrison’s supermarket. Those innocent red and green Chillies are anything but!!

The other night I decided to use one (Only one), in a pasta and meat ball dish. I didn’t even cut the chilli I cooked it with the sauce so we could get a lil of the Aroma.

After I shared the dinner, I then foolishly decided to take the chilli out of the pot and put it on my plate to eat with my food. I took one bite of the chilli and instantly my scalp started scratching…actually that’s not true it started burning. I started sweating and my tongue, inner cheek even my gums were burning. So I jumped up and began to chug down water, you would have thought that would have helped right…NOT The chilli continued to burn and sting.

Then suddenly I felt a massive gripe in my stomach, like excruciating stomach cramps (Now remember I have two beautiful bundles of joy and not even their deliveries compared to this pain). Instantly I had to hot foot it to my bedroom and lie down, I couldn’t move I was in soooo much pain.

Then FINALLY after about 10 mins, the pains faded and the burning and itching stopped. Flaming (Like the pun) heck what was in those Chilli’s man!! Better still I don’t even want to or care to know… One thing I can happily tell you though, is NEVER EVER again will you catch me eating Chillies. Just the sight of them makes my stomach turn and head itch lol

Just out of concern and to hopefully stroke my damaged ego, has anyone else experienced something similar eating Chillies…If so get commenting let a girl know she’s not a Chilli wuss :)
B xx
Well done Zoella, getting your first book published is a HUGE massive achievement, you truly are an inspiration xx


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