Shower Scrunchy oh Shower Scrunchy Where Art Thou??

23 Sep


This is so random but needs addressing do you know that I’ve gone through around 6 of those shower Scrunchy things in 9 months! Usually my shower Scrunches last FOREVER, even when I change them they are still intact. I usually buy a new one, cause I’m bored and want a new colour, but NEVER because the old one is damaged. This year for some reason, every-time I buy a new one by next month the whole thing comes apart.

Now your girl knows how to save money, I buy my shower scrunches in the pound store. I mean four scrunches for £1 you can’t get better than that BUT…they have been unravelling. So I decided to push the boat right out and get lavish, I purchased my last three shower scrunches from Boots and they too have been unravelling after a few weeks.


What’s going on… Is there a main distributor who’s made a batch of faulty scrunches?? Hence the constant unravelling  There’s nothing worse than having a nice relaxing shower, and then you start to wash your body and your scrunchy is all long and unravelled like a coarse scarf lol

I dunno… as it stands now the scrunchy I bought last week, unravelled this morning so I’m back to square one. Hmmm maybe I will go to Harrods or Selfridges for the my new one…:)

B xx

Vodafone Fashion Weekend 2014 Update!!!

22 Sep

After lasts weeks computer fiasco, I’m happy to report that I’m back on line. I have a working PC therefore my computer troubles are now firmly behind me. 

So back to more important matters like Vodafone Fashion Weekend!!!!


My oh my was it a wonderful day, I hopped off the train at Temple station and did the short walk up to Somerset set house where an array of fashionistas, bloggers and generally lots of cool people were making their way into the court yard. After sharing a bit of banter with the lovely security guards, I wasted no time in heading for the main popup to see what surprises were in store.

On entry first thing I’m presented with, is a delicious hot Lavazza coffee, which was so delicious and creamy. To be honest I’m surprised I actually liked it, as I’m not a coffee drinker but this was delish. I then had a quick browse at offerings from Sunglasses hut and other up and coming designers. Then no sooner as I attempted to veer out into the street again. I was accosted by an energetic, but fun beauty consultant at the Maybelline pop up. I mean I spent like the next half hour, trying out all sorts of make-up products and scratching various scented wall stickers. I can confirm that YES I did part with some cash, before leaving Maybelline heaven…£10.00 for SEVEN yes SEVEN Maybelline products (What an absolute BARAGIN).

Then on to the show…
I chose to take in the Trend show as, I love to see what up and coming designers have to offer. I often find that because they are still trying to break into the mainstream, their collections/ designs still contain that raw edge.

So I took my seat and my Canon SLR camera and this is what my lil eye saw…












Towards the latter part of the afternoon, I decided to head inside Somerset house to take a peek at the accessories, shoes (my favourite), designer fashions and the book shop. Guys I deserve a medal, I resisted purchasing an absolutely to die for Roberto Cavalli handbag. I did however invest in a gorge bracelet, and I became one of the team at the “Proper popcorn” pop up, by going behind the counter and taking a seat in popcorn world. Now you know you’re gurl couldn’t resist sampling the amazing flavours such as COCONUT, delicious!

So after all the tasting, looking and shopping. I haul assed all my goodies together, and decided it was time for destination home…though not before stopping off at Toms Kitchen for a deep filled crème cheese and salmon bagel and a Carrot and walnut cake…Ah the LIFE!



B Xx

**Sad Face** My Laptop is Broken!!

19 Sep

Just got in from Vodafone Fashion Weekend and I’m tired as heck, but had an awesome time 😀 My hubby put the kettle on and I devoured a delish carrot & walnut cake from Toms Kitchen (I am in luv with the cream cheese frosting on that cake yum).


Took up my laptop to start organinsing my pics and write all about it, and I’ve discovered my laptop screen is broken…shattered in 7 different directions…I’m so upset I could cry 😭😭


I have to thank my lucky stars tho, cause one I can nick my hubby’s laptop, and two my hubby is an IT engineer and builds PCs. So while I’m writing this using my trusty IPhone. He is busy trying to see if he can get the screen to work…btw he’s just told me if it can’t work he’ll hook my baby lappy top up to our main PC, so he can remove the files and put them on his laptop or the external hard drive…the same hard-drive he always bugs me to save my docs on!!

So bear with my guys, I’ll have those Vodafone fashion bits uploaded soon.

B 😭😭

Creepy Crawlies Running Through The Night!!

18 Sep

So it’s that time now summer’s over, it’s noticeably colder and even foggy in the mornings. So what does that mean…yes all the creepy crawlies, are looking for somewhere warm to put their feet up lol At the moment that warm place seems to be my home.

spider 3

Now there’s something I haven’t told you, but you’ll get to know as there will be lots of tid bit posts about it. I absolutely HATE spiders!!! Just writing the word has got me feeling queasy with the hairs on my arms standing up.

Since the cooler times have been approaching, we keep spotting lots of little…actually scrap that they are not little at all. Lots of HUUUUUGE absolutely HUGE spiders, casually walking around the house. There was the one my youngest found in his room on his Chester draws, the one my hubby found on the stairs and then there was last night’s one.

spiders 2

Now I love my hubby to bits n all but he can be a right git sometimes (sorry babe :), cause he knows how I feel about spiders and he uses the situation to take the p*** and make jokes. So anyway back to last night!! I was sleeping and then felt my hubby shaking me, so opened my eyes all startled thinking this better be good. What does he have to tell me… at like 1.00am in the morning… I was watching TV and just saw this HUGE spider running across the floor. I killed it but just felt you needed to know, look there it is… I mean wt!?!

So I look over and there it is the hugest, thickest, spider you can imagine crumpled up on my floor near my closet. The darn thing was sooo big, that even though it had be crushed it’s huge legs and body was still intact Ewwww.

spider 1

So Mr Mr scoops it up and puts it in the bin, but guess what…cause I’ve seen it now I can’t get back to sleep cause I’m scared. So I basically spent the whole night curled up under hubby, heart pounding unable to sleep for fear of something crawling on me. Fast forward this morning, I woke up with both my arms wrapped around my hubby’s neck, I’m surprised I didn’t strangle him in his sleep lol

But I’m still uneasy, everywhere I go in the house I’m looking around , which is no good as you know the old saying seek and you shall find :)

Update: Just found this one on my kitchen floor 5 minutes ago 😁


B Xx

It’s TRUE Perseverance Really Does Pay Off!!

17 Sep

In one of my previous posts, I told you about how I worked two days via a recruitment agency. Who were now more and less refusing to pay me because I informed them (On my second day of work), that I would not be returning to the job. I also told ya’ll I had sought legal advice on the matter, and was advise to write them a letter of grievance.

Well your girl did exactly as advised and wrote that letter with all the passion and enthusiasm, you would use to cook a lovely meal for friends coming round for dinner :) I went online and researched various laws, pertaining to recruitment agencies and their obligations to work seekers. I researched the agencies company structure, to get contact details for the managing director and partners (As I was denied this information, when I asked the consultant).

I then sent an email to all the directors, and the two recruitment consultants involved. Informing them of my wages request, intentions and that the correspondence was on its way to them via recorded delivery mail. No joke less than 30 minutes later, I had an email from the consultant saying that my pay is being processed and that they had spoken to my ex employer yesterday who confirmed my hours.

Here is the link to the original post, so you get the whole picture of the situation . But just to tie things up here :) When I spoke to the consultant on Monday, I was told that my ex employer is refusing to respond to the consultants emails and phone calls, as they are upset with them, as all the staff they get from the agency don’t stay. Therefore until the employers make contact, there will be no pay for me..

Then the agency received my letter an law and behold, they happened to get hold of the employers who confirmed my hours yesterday…Now what a coincidence :) About 2 hours later one of the managing directors, sent me an email to confirm that he will be investigating the matter immediately . Then towards the end of the day, the recruitment consult phoned me to advise, my pay is being processed and will be with me today or Friday the latest RESULT!!!


As I write this I haven’t received the monies, so I guess I won’t celebrate just yet. But it’s just so sad that I had to do all this, to get what was rightfully mine. I worked my hours, I did all what I needed to do and because the agency were peeved that I didn’t stay in the role they decided to play nasty.

Guess this proves the old adage, good always prevails over evil and just to let you guys know. If you have any issues where someone owes you money, or you know a business etc is trying to abuse their position, don’t ignore it or sweep it under the carpet. Seek legal advice and go to the CAB, there are lots of organisations that that will provide you with FREE legal advice…Time to fight back against these companies, business etc that believe they can dupe the public.

Wow I’m feeling all radical this morning, think it’s time for a cuppa to calm the old nerves lol

Have a lovely day all,

B xx

4 Days until Vodafone Fashion Weekend 2014!!

16 Sep

Due to the job seeking drama of late, I almost forgot that Vodafone fashion weekend is happening on Friday Super whoop whoop!!

I love Fashion Weekend, it’s an excuse to get all dressed up, sit on the F-row and view amazing collections plus bag some exclusive pieces from u- known & well know designers. Ahhhhh and don’t get me started on the freebies that are handed out on the day. Last year I was blessed with a Maybeline gift box which included, eye liner, nail varnish, lipstick and blusher. Plus I was given more lipstick and nail varnishes throughout the day, whilst moving around the event, as well as a stunning filled goodie bag 

Don’t worry guy’s l’ll do a post update with pics, so you can share the amazing day.

Until then let the countdown BEGING 4, 3, 2…


B xx

Update: there are some tickets still available visit to find out more :)

Recruitment Agencies – When they are good they are good but when they are BAD…

16 Sep

Here’s the tea…remember the role I told you about like two weeks ago, where I worked for a company for two days and then decided the role wasn’t for me due to the treatment and nature of the company. Well three weeks later and that recruitment agency are more n less withholding my pay.

On the day I told them I would no longer be continuing on in the assignment (Now bear in mind, I had no contract, I was being hired on a week to week basis I,e I could have been let go at any time). I asked them what I needed to do, with regards to my pay. They told me to send over my timesheet, to which I replied “I have none as you still have not sent me one even though I requested one”. I was told not to worry they will sort it…Why is it when people say don’t worry, it turns out that you should do exactly that WORRY lol

Fast forward three weeks and still no pay…now they are saying that they have been unable to get hold of the people I worked for, as they are not returning their calls or emails. As they are upset that another candidate left the job after a few days… Bottom line until they get hold of the employer, they will not pay me as they need confirmation that I worked the two days ARRRRGHHH

Cannot believe in 2014 agencies think they can behave like this, they are quite happy to place you into roles, but not so happy to pay you for hours worked. I did a quicky research online, to find out if what they are doing is unlawful and there is some legislation that states; they cannot withhold candidate’s wages, until they verify information from employers. I also phoned a solicitor for guidance, and was told basically that I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, as I didn’t get the timesheet signed and I have no evidence that I did indeed work the two days.


Was about to give up the fight, and then stumbled across another solicitor who provided me with some invaluable advice! They told me I need to send the agency a letter, documenting what has happened, hours worked, dates, my rate and what I want them to do. Then at the end of the letter, put a 7-14 day dead line for acknowledgement of the letter and 28 days to rectify the matter or I will be proceeding with legal action (The solicitor also gave me some clauses and savvy words to include :).

So I will be drafting up my letter and sending it out tomorrow, along with an email in the hope it will net me a more speedy response. I will defo keep you updated on this on guys…

If it’s one piece of advice I’ll give is if you work via an agency, always get your timesheet before you start your assignment or at least on the first day of your assignment. If you’ve only worked a couple of days, be damned sure to get that timesheet signed by that employer before you throw in the towel…Better still if you can work the week, DO so!! Then get your timesheet signed and then call it quits the same day if need be…

It’s an absolute biatch to know you’ve honoured you’re part of the agreement by going to work, and then agencies play silly games by holding on to your rightly deserved wages…


B xx


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